Digital Electronics

Figure- Digital Circuits
Figure- Digital Circuits
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           Digital circuits handle digital signal that is discrete bands of analog levels. These circuits operate on signals that exists only at two levels that is 0's and 1's where 0 and 1 are binary numbers which are assigned two different voltage levels. High voltage (usually 5V) represent one value and a low voltage (usually 0V or Ground) represents the zero value. Digital circuits are often called switching circuits because the voltage in digital levels circuits are assumed to be switched from one value to another instantaneously. These circuits find use in true/false logical operations and digital computation. Digital circuits make use of logic GATES, ICs(Integrated Circuits), etc. Such components are actually networks of interconnected components manufactured on a single wafer of semiconducting material.
          Digital circuits are easy to design as compared to their analog counterparts and in digital circuits, signal can be transmitted without loss due to noise.
Digital circuits are also called logic circuits, since they obey certain set logic rules. Digital circuits are used in communication circuits etc. These circuits have high degree of flexibility.